docLineapp is a better document manager for association documents.

Community documents have to be managed and delivered for every door in every association you manage. How long do your customers have to wait for their documents? How long do you have to wait for your fees?

Let us show you a better way.

docLine was designed to deliver your documents immediately, deposit your fees instantly and make your document management work easy and efficient. And to prove it, we will set you up for free *.

docLine is designed by managers for managers.  Every feature is there to make the community document delivery process simpler and more efficient. It is free for managers and we will set up your associations for no charge. 

docLine does one thing well and that is to deliver association documents immediately to title companies, real estate agents and homeowners. It does not attempt to take over your accounting or membership services. 

docLine creates an efficient profit center, working 24×7, generating income automatically from each document set purchased. No waiting for fees. 

We have tested the association set up process and find that it takes about 5 minutes to enter the HOA and upload all the required documents. It is a straight forward process and we will provide you with one-on-one instruction and video tutorials. 

For a limited time, we will set up all your associations free of charge. Drop us an email on the contact form and we can discuss how we can migrate your associations to the docLineapp for no charge. That’s right, no charge to set up all your associations. 

The docLine service is free to use for all HOA managers. Whether you are a self-managed association or a busy portfolio management company, you can use docLine for free. No hidden charges, no add on features. 

How can we do this? There is a transaction fee that is assessed to the buyer with each document purchased. You never have to worry about the transaction fee, you get the entire amount of your fees and it can be instantly deposited to your PayPal account. Your clients receive an itemized receipt to be included in their transactions. 

Upon payment confirmation, the customer will receive a .zip file automatically through their web browser. The .zip package will contain all the documents that were purchased and an itemized receipt as PDF files. 

Because the customer has registered with the docLineapp system, they will be also be able to direct the documents to the owner or agent by using the Owner Code feature. 

When the customer completes their transaction, your fees are immediately added to your PayPal account. You are paid immediately upon payment confirmation.

Good question. We do recommend setting up a PayPal account for your our docLine service in order to get your fees instantly deposited. This is the easiest and fastest way to get your fees. 

However we recognize that not all companies are receptive to that process. So, we will reconcile your account at the end of each month and mail you a check and a statement for the balance of your account. 

The docLine service never directly handles the transactions. The payment processing is handled through PayPal. All the fees are routed through PayPal’s business accounting services, providing you with a trusted and secure path for all your transactions. 

docLine does not store any credit card or banking information. Period. PayPal provides our clients with a secure, trusted payment gateway. 

Yes, that is a much requested feature. 

At the top of the association document list, you will see a bundle option for all the documents that are available for that property. A single click places them all in your cart. 

Not all properties or HOAs have all 23 of the required documents. docLine will indicate that on your receipt and does not charge any transaction fees for documents that are not applicable. 


This is an important question. Because the escrow demand is a  time sensitive snapshot of the current state of the property, docLine will forward a demand request directly to the management company.

The request is sent with the property address included, ready for the management company to fill in the blanks.

The demand request will then be returned to the title company or other agents directly from the management company. 

We decided to take this route at this time in order to keep the escrow process moving forward. In other systems, the escrow demand can block the processing of the rest of the property documents, causing unnecessary delays and frustration. 

Any additional fees for the escrow demand is handled through the management company. docLine is not part of the escrow demand fulfillment process and does not collect fees for escrow demands. 

* For a limited time, Bimini, makers of docLine, will upload all your associations and all the required California HOA documents for those associations for no cost. There are some requirements for your documents and information in order to take advantage of this amazing offer. Contact us through the form on this page to get the details. We promise not to waste your time and to be confidential with your email information. 

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