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You have hundreds of Owners, over many different Associations. How are you going to register AND DELIVER on all of their Mailing Preferences in compliance with the new SB 392 rules?

Get the tool made for the job and make your job easier. 

Homeowners register their preferences
with HELM’s easy to use interface.

Homeowners choose paper mail, email or both,
plus the new preference requirements.

Reduce Your Mailing Costs by only Paper Mailing Owners who make that choice.

Helm makes it easy to keep these records current. Send or post the link for owners to review, edit and submit.

Your staff has more important things to do.

Staying up to date with the new SB 392 rules  could be a big time-suck for your staff if you don’t have a good tool for the job. 

Helm was made to meet the New Rules, collecting mailing preferences AND MORE. 

  • Mailing preferences: paper, email or both. 
  • Addresses – primary & secondary for physical addresses and emails.
  • Owners – Primary and Secondary.
  • Legal POA ? Helm can register that. 
  • Rental Status – yah, it is now a registration item. 
  • Sharing Preferences – inside and outside the Association.

At BiminiCorp, we develop strategic solutions for specific industry pain points. You know, those nagging have-to-do jobs that should be handled with well crafted technology solutions. 

HELM is a must-have solution for a mandated set of records. HELM makes this job easier, faster and more efficient, allowing you to get on with your day and your business. 

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