FireSmart Community Connect 

FireSmart Community Connect is designed to support the Managers, Leaders and Homeowners of FireWise USA Communities. It offers the community a data management tool and communication hub specifically designed to meet the FireWise USA Community-in-good-standing requirements. 

It does not replace the FireWise USA reporting portal. It does add a much needed tool for Homeowners and Local Leaders to gather, organize and reveal actionable data that is often lost or unseen. Local Leaders are able to assess the health of the FireWise Community through the their Membership data, Home Surveys and Action Tracker. 

The reality is that FireWise USA Communities are a pathway to maintaining insurance coverage. The standards for FireWise Community recognition follow the same defensible space metrics that fire agencies across the country are using. Most manages are volunteers and need FireSmart CC to make their job easier. 


  • Empower property owners to identify and take action on things that matter to make their residence fire safe through home wildfire risk assessments.
  • Improve the community fire readiness with granular homeowner data.
  • Engage owners with the capacity to self monitor their fire safe actions and expenses.


  • Collect meaningful data to identify the needs of the community and direct their resources.
  • Support action items with accurate data that improves the community’s chances of withstanding wildfires.
  • Monitor and report on action items over time and through leadership changes.


  • Access aggregate data sets from communities to better allocate time and resources.
  • Enhance communications with communities with identifiable strengths and concerns regarding fire ready neighborhoods.
  • Assist communities with their reporting with integrated data-to-document processes.

FireSmart Community Connect is an online hub for FireWise USA Communities to help them collect, analyze and document the data that keeps their community in good standing.

It provides Homeowners a way to self-monitor their fire hardening efforts, and get meaningful feedback as they go on the offense against wildfire events.

FireSmart CC creates an online resource for Local Leaders to collect and analyze the wildfire preparedness of their communities.

If you are ready and committed to help your Community stay active on the things that matter, then FireSmart Community Connect will help you gather, track, report and preserve your hard work.

Homeowners / Property Owners

  • Homeowner Fire Risk Assessment
  • Risk Index with Next Steps Feedback
  • Action Tracking for Time and Expenses
  • Volume Estimator for green waste
  • Community Calendar and Resource Page

Community Leaders

  • Community Roster and Contact Information
  • Community Risk Assessment Forms
  • Aggregate Data Analysis from Homeowner Assessments
  • Action Tracking for Time and Expense for the Community
  • Summary Data/Report Output with Homeowner & Community Comparisons
  • Community Calendar for Events and Resources

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