docLine is HOA document management done right.

Instant downloads for your customers. Instant deposits for your fees. Easy to set up, easy to maintain. And there is no charge for managers to use the service. Ever. Period. Look over the features and see how you can turn your document deliveries into a proven revenue stream.

Homeowner ELectives Manager

California SB 392 makes it a requirement for associations to officially manage the communication preferences of their members. HELM is the tool you are looking for to make this task easier and more efficient for your staff. 

Property Management Technology Services

That is what we do. Many of the property managers have told us that technology is helpful, but trying to update or improve is always hard to do. Our team at Bimini Corp is dedicated to making technology adoption easier with tools that fill a need. We are focused on custom application development for property management services.
Do you have a property management challenge that is looking for a technology solution?
Contact us and let’s make technology work for you.

Reduce Homeowner Association Mailing CostsHere is the reason: Better records of owner preferences for their association documents means you can reduce redundant mailing costs and spend less time getting docs
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HOAs and Drought RestrictionsAs California moves into a wicked-bad drought season, associations have to manage expectations for homeowners. Drought watering restrictions will change the colors of many associations from green
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SB 392 and HOA Preferences App
California SB 392 has create more stringent requirements for recording and delivering on homeowner communications preferences. Make sure you review your work flow processes to ensure compliance. And yes, we
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California SB 392 – Electronic Communications for Associations
California SB 392 – Legal changes to Individual and General Delivery of Electronic Info I found a great article that describes the new California law regarding the electronic distribution of
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Supporting Community Managers

We are a member of the California Association of Community Managers, the only specific resource for the community management industry in the state. CACM supports the education, credentialing, compliance and specialized business solutions for the community management industry.