Self-Managed Homeowner Associations :
Keep your Escrow Documents in order and in compliance with a tool designed to make that job easier.

Associations Managers, you have more to do than time in a day. 
Let docLine take on the job of delivering Escrow Documents.

Easy to set up.
Easy to maintain.
Instant downloads.
No charge for managers.

Let me show you how.

Homeowner Mailing Preferences Manager

 HELM is the tool designed for Managers to work with Homeowners to collect, manage and organize their Mailing Preferences.  

Why not use a tool made for the job and save yourself time and postage?


Property Management Technology

That is what we do. Many of the property managers have told us that technology is helpful, but trying to update or improve is always hard to do. Our team at Bimini Corp is dedicated to making technology adoption easier with tools that fill a need. We are focused on custom application development for property management services.
Do you have a property management challenge that is looking for a technology solution?
Contact us and let’s make technology work for you.

Supporting Community Managers

We are a member of the California Association of Community Managers, the only specific resource for the community management industry in the state. CACM supports the education, credentialing, compliance and specialized business solutions for the community management industry.

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