We are excited to announce that the FireSmart Service is closer than ever to our beta release date. We are continuing to meet with community leaders, county and national leaders and, most importantly, homeowners. More information to come!

We are getting great feedback from everyone we talk to. The FireSmart CC service is designed from the ground up, to support FireWise USA communities and help communities go on the offense against wildfire events.

FireSmart is a tool that provided risk assessment tools for homeowners and community leaders. It uses the FireWise USA metrics and collects the data for yearly reporting and action planning. You can output the data and use the reports to fill in the yearly FireWise USA documents.

We have been in conversation with the NFPA, the national organization for fire safety standards and the body that recognizes FireWise USA communities. We are encouraged with their feedback and will continue to work with them to make our FireSmart CC tool compatible with their safety standards.

Our too does not replace the FireWise USA reporting portal or connect to their database at this time. We will continue to explore possible integrations and monitor the NFPA required documents.