There is a chance that when Title Companies request Escrow Documents from your Association they will have to wait up to 3 weeks for the documents to be delivered.

WHY? You might have an Escrow Document Service that is slowing the process down, costing you time and money.

SOLUTION? We at BiminiCorp have. proven solution that delivers Escrow Documents Instantly – it is called docLine. Title Companies, Homeowners or Real Estate Agents can punch up your docLine online, find the Association they need and purchase or download the documents they need instantly.

docLine does not try to take over your CRM systems, or hook into your accounting and banking. docLine is targeted at managing the Escrow Documents with an effective and efficient online solution. docLine’s clean interface makes it easy for your staff to enter, update and manage the important Davis-Stirling document requirements.

TIRED OF WAITING? Check out the link for docLine. Let us set up a short meeting and let you kick the tires. It is a proven solution that is saving time for many association like yours.