Ditch the paper – Move Up to SLIP

Our Scheduling Logistics Information Platform is now available to any and all on-demand services who need a better way of scheduling and routing their services. With the cost of transportation reaching new extremes, you have to make efficient choices with your routing and daily driving. SLIP gives you a platform to do just that. The […]

SB392 – Are YOU Ready?

https://bit.ly/3uJIchX  Here is your New Year Pre-Resolution – register the mailing / contact information for all your Association owners, including their information sharing preferences, the status of the property and if they want paper mail, email or both as their primary communications.  Easy right? Well it could be. Introducing HELM the Homeowner Email Mailing List […]

SB 392 and HOA Preferences App

California SB 392 has create more stringent requirements for recording and delivering on homeowner communications preferences. Make sure you review your work flow processes to ensure compliance. And yes, we have a reason to make this case because we have a tool that answers the call. It is called HELM, our Homeowner ELectives Manager application. […]

California SB 392 – Electronic Communications for Associations

California SB 392 – Legal changes to Individual and General Delivery of Electronic Info I found a great article that describes the new California law regarding the electronic distribution of association information for members and management. Thank you Roseman Law offices for the information.  https://bit.ly/3rA9VjN  This is not a surprising bit of legislation, but it […]

HELM – Homeowners Email List Manager

New California legislation now requires you to maintain an up-to-date and accurate database of your HOA members electronic communications contact information and preferences. That is a mouthful. But it doesn’t have to be a problem.  Many associations have tip-toed around this aspect of their membership database. Many have opted to use a word processing or spreadsheet […]