California SB 392 – Legal changes to Individual and General Delivery of Electronic Info

I found a great article that describes the new California law regarding the electronic distribution of association information for members and management. Thank you Roseman Law offices for the information. 

This is not a surprising bit of legislation, but it will rock your world if you do not set up your document management to address who get what and in what form. 

Many self managed associations have ad-hoc solutions for their members email preferences. You can imagine the shared folders with spreadsheets of information that are under another users account and maybe up-to-date. 

Don’t get caught out on these new requirements. There is a simple tool that allows your members to self select their preferences, log them in your system and allow you to filter and sort the list. It is called HELM – Homeowners Email List Manager from BiminiCorp. Easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to stay compliant. Check it out here.